I am 22 years old from Bergen in Norway. 🙂

I made this blog to share with you what I am learning on my joueney towatds financiall success. I got started through a company called MOBE. MOBE teached people how to start their own online business. It stands for “My Online Business Education.” Their not operating at the minute, but thats not going to stop me from achieving my goal. I have learned a lot through Mobe and I will continue towards my goal no matter what even without MOBE.

Thanks to MOBE’s programme I now have a better understanding of how marketing works, why online business is the best business for me as a beginner and what I need to do to make it work.

Now my plan is to promote clickbank university. Reason for this is that I wish to promote a similar program to the one I went through. One that helps people like me, who wants to start an online business, but have no idea how.

if an online business is what you want, you can get started with clickbank below.

Clickbank university

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