I am 21 years old from Bergen in Norway, just moved to England. πŸ™‚

I made this blog to share with you what I am learning through a company called MOBE. MOBE teaches people how to start their own online business. It stands for “My Online Business Education.”

They have a lot of different business training programs, affiliate programs/systems and also webinars/events. Some of their most popular programs are the 21 steps, Gold Masterclass and Traffic Masters academy.

If your new to internet marketing I suggest you get the 21 steps first to learn and then Gold masterclass like I did. If your already a business man/woman and want to grow your income even more I suggest that you just get the Gold Masterclass straight away.

Thanks to MOBE I have now managed to set up my funnel, I have plenty of products I am promoting and a better understanding of how internet marketing works.

I have gone through MOBE’S 21 step program and am now ready to take what I have learned and use it.🀘

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Unfortunatly Mobe is getting sued at the moment. Still does not mean making money online is not possible tho! If you are interested in making money online too you can get started below!😎🀘 This is a new system I found called Clickbank University! ^^

Clickbank university