I am 21 years old from Bergen in Norway, just moved to England. 🙂

I made this blog to share with you what I am learning through a company called MOBE. MOBE teaches people how to start their own online business. It stands for “My Online Business Education.”

They have a lot of different business training programs, affiliate programs/systems and also webinars/events. Some of their most popular programs are the 21 steps, Gold Masterclass and Traffic Masters academy.

If your new to internet marketing I suggest you get the 21 steps first to learn and then Gold masterclass like I did. If your already a business man/woman and want to grow your income even more I suggest that you just get the Gold Masterclass straight away.

Thanks to MOBE I have now managed to set up my funnel, I have plenty of products I am promoting and a better understanding of how internet marketing works.

I have gone through MOBE’S 21 step program and am now ready to take what I have learned and use it as an affiliate within MOBE. I am currently a Gold member.🤘

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