Step 11!

step 11 was quite short, but I tought I would make a little post about it anyway. It was about the phone sales team within mobe.

– They call back your leads and if they get a sale they get a % of that comission.

-If you choose to do the calls yourself you will get higher comissions.

– Then he mentioned a couple of people that works in the phone sales team in Mobe: Ryan jaten, Michael Oliver, Drew Inners, Matt Aria, Tiji Thomas and so on.

– If you become a mobe affiliate and dont do the phone sales yourself your job will be to generate leeds and then they close the sale.


Step 10!😊

Step 10 was about the Platinum Mastermind, with is another level up after Titanium.

– In platinum you get resale rights to the platinum mastermind and have the possibility to get 5,500 comissions.

– Platinum is a 5 days amd 6 nights event, also at an exotic resort just like Titanium. You will learn a lot there about wealth and creation. And also be able to connect and talk to some very inteligent people when it comes to money.

– Aditional events you get with platinum is: Money Mindset, Tax Saving Strategies, Stocks, Precious Metals, Real estate and The Home Business Summit. these are all 3 day events and you get them free with the platinum. If you want to buy them outside platinum it will cost 2,000 dollars.

– You get 10 sessions with a platinum coach

– You get a course on how to make high ticket sales over the phone. (this is for if you want to do your own phone sales, you dont have to do it)

step 9! 😁🀘

Hey!😊 I havent bee posting for a couple of days now cause I have been on a little vecation in England/london. Had a lot of fun over there. visited some resturants, cafe’s (found this really cool cafe called “The Chocolate room, loved that place) did some shopping, went to madame tussauds, the cinema and so on. Was there for 8 days. Stayed at a good friend of mines Tamz(bkack guy in the picture below)πŸ€˜πŸ’– also visited my aunt who lives there one day and I also got to meet my mobe bussines coach Nick(white guy in the picture below) actualy 😊 met a very friendly black cat in the streets too so had to throw in a picture of herπŸ’– England is such a beautiful city. Its actualy so beautiful that I want to move over there. Would be fun to live in another country. πŸ˜„I am back in Norway now tho, back at work. Been working everyday since the day I got back home actualy. I miss being on vecation alreadyπŸ˜†cleaning motel rooms can get really boringπŸ˜…… plus I hate getting up early haha xD

But anyway! what I learned from step 9:

-Mobe is promoting events.

-After the Silver Masterclass/Licence Rights program you can update to Titanium. Wich allows you to earn higher commisions. You earn more on each customer without having to do anything more than before.

-With the Silver Masteclass you earn up to 1,250 dollar comissions, with Titanium you can earn up until 3,300 dollar comissions.

-The “80/20” prinsiple is a saying that means that 20 % of your customers makes you 80 % off your money. For that to be the case its very important to have a backend offer.

-With the Titanium you get a 3 days and 4 nights stay at a mobe event, wich takes place at some resort. There you have the chance to meet and connect with other mobe members and the higher earners within marketing. you will be hearing presenations from very good marketers like : Joe Sugarman(written a lot of best selling marketing books, for eksample Triggers and advertising secrets) Dave Van Hooose(used to be a real estate owner, good at convincing people to buy from him) Fred catona(helped launche a now billion dollar company called, he did all the radio adds, has his own radio advertising agentcy now) and Kevin harrington(most known for doing informertials in for eksample the health and fitness niche)

-You get to go to other events for free too. one about traffic, one about conversion and one about leverage.

-You get the “titanium inner cirle” wich is newsletters with more training/info. It costs 1,99 per month, but the first month is free.

Now that was that, step 9 was mostly aboyt the Titanium Mastermind and what you get buy purchasing that. I will be posting more when I get trough the next steps.πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

step 8

I have now bought the Silver masterclass/Licence rights program!πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ I am really exited now to get started xD

Step 8 was quite short so not that much to say about it really, it was about ewallet and how to set up an account with them. Ewallet is the page mobe pays out commissions through.

step 6 and 7.

I have now come to step 6 and 7. These steps were about what licencing is, the different products that mobe sells, how you can make money through Mobe and how you can get help if you have questions. It is at these steps you can choose to ether join Mobe or do someting else.

I have learned:

-Your options within marketing is to ether create your own product etc or licence someone elses. Licencing is usualy the easiest and most profitable choice.

-Licencing means buying the right to sell someone elses products.

-The biggest niches/themes within information based products are money, relationships and health.

-The benefits of joining Mobe is that they have a good marketing platform, top tier products, support training and a sales team to assist you.

-Your job as a Mobe affiliate will be to drive traffic to your website and then mobe closes the sales. They track the leads back to you via a site called “the backoffice”

– Mobe sells different teaching programs/videos/webinars about marketing and how to make money online.

I have decided to become a Mobe affiliate, I am gonna buy the “mobe licence rights program” as soon as I have saved up the money. It costs ca 19,000 nok (wich is like 2400 dollars) to me that is a lot, but I believe it will be worth it, cause this really does seem to be an amazing opportunity.

get peoples attention

Today I watched an additoional video recommended by my coach. In that video there was a guy talking about how the mobe system works and how you can make money through it. The most important thing wich he mentioned several times was “get peoples attension” and in order to grow your wealth you need to get more peoples attention. Myself for example, I bought this program cause a youtube video I found from matt caught my attension. Then I did some more research on it and bought the 21 step program.

I learned:

-There are four kinds of people. employees, bussines owners, self emloyes and investors.

-Employes and self employes work for money. bussines owners and investors have money working for them.

-If you keep on chasing money, you will be working your whole life.

-The difference between a business owner and a self employe is that a bussines owner doesnt do any work in his business, a self employed does.

-You need to evaluate your business investment mathematicaly right. Numbers dont lie.

-1 customer per day = freedom day

-When someone buys into mobe and sticks to the program, their usualy a mobe customer for life. The higher up in the ranks in mobe or for each other products they buy trough mobe the person they bought their first product through and mobe is getting a part off the money they pay. Mobe is a profit share system.

-If your not succeeding within mobe, their not succeeding. its like a long term relasionship and it works cause people stick to it. mobe wants your attention for life.

-In the beggining with mobe your goal should be to get about 10 sales per week. And your long term goal should be around 20 to 25 sales per week.

-You have to earn more money than you do now to maintain the lifestyle you have, cause the prices in general on almost everything is going up.

on step 3 in mttb’s 21 steps.

I have now come until step 3 within the 21 steps. It seems to me to be a very good and legit system. I also really like the way everything is explained in the videos, it is explained in a way that I feel like I can understand. especialy thinking about the fact that I dont have any marketing education or experience from before. in step 1 2 and 3 I have learned :

– its better to sell high ticket products or services cause then you earn more money with less sales. and selling more expensive products is not neccesairly harder.

-its easier to buy into an already existing franchise than to create your own.

-digital companies are often more proffitable cause they dont have to spend money on making and sending an actual product or hire employees in their shops.

-free traffic is not really free cause it costs your time, paid and targeted trafic is the best traffic. (traffic is how many people visiting your website. when I first hears this term I was really confused haha)

– economy + traffic +conversions =sales

– when you start making money it is important to not spend it all, but reinvest some off the money back into the bussines.

– math and psychology is important.

– a good bussines model is important.

-you must have or get the right mindset.

-rich/wealty people get paid on results, poor/middle class peoole get paid on their time.

I also listended to an audio book my coach reccomended called “secrets of the millionaire mind” It is about the mindset differences between rich/wealthy people and poor/middle class people. Some of the things in this book where also mentioned in step 3. one off the things the book said that I myself found very interesting, was the idea that everyone has a so called “money blueprint”. And that means how much money your mind is set to make. And that the difference between rich and poor people are that their money blueprint are sett for different amounts. It said that we get these ether high or low blueprints from who we surround ourselfs with, usualy our parents and frieds. So usualy people would earn about as much as their parents cause thats what their used to/comfortable with. wich makes sence really when you think about it.

Think I will end this post with some quotes from matt (mat loyd is the one talking in the videos)😊”for doing well in your bussiness you must think like a bussines owner and not an employee” “when starting a bussines there will be a time were you will have very little money” “rich people act in spite of fear”


hey! This is my first blog post so i tought I should introduce myself. my name is Cecilie-malen and I am from Bergen in norway. the most beautiful city in Norway in my opinion. I am 20 years old and work as the “washing lady” at a motel and camping place. I am very interested in art, drawing, animals, people, manga, different movies/series and within the last year I have gotten an interest in internet marketing too. I recently got into this marketing teaching program called “the 21 steps” from mttb. mttb stands for my top tirer bussines. I bought it for about 40 dollars (wich is like 400 nok) then I got my login information to a site with 21 videos about marketing and mobe. I also got a coach. who I actualy talk to via skype who helps me with questions and so on. I am watching at least one video everyday amd learning a lot. I am gonna use this blog to write and share about everything I am learning. at the moment I am on step 3 😊