hey! This is my first blog post so i tought I should introduce myself. my name is Cecilie-malen and I am from Bergen in norway. the most beautiful city in Norway in my opinion. I am 20 years old and work as the “washing lady” at a motel and camping place. I am very interested in art, drawing, animals, people, manga, different movies/series and within the last year I have gotten an interest in internet marketing too. I recently got into this marketing teaching program called “the 21 steps” from mttb. mttb stands for my top tirer bussines. I bought it for about 40 dollars (wich is like 400 nok) then I got my login information to a site with 21 videos about marketing and mobe. I also got a coach. who I actualy talk to via skype who helps me with questions and so on. I am watching at least one video everyday amd learning a lot. I am gonna use this blog to write and share about everything I am learning. at the moment I am on step 3 😊


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