on step 3 in mttb’s 21 steps.

I have now come until step 3 within the 21 steps. It seems to me to be a very good and legit system. I also really like the way everything is explained in the videos, it is explained in a way that I feel like I can understand. especialy thinking about the fact that I dont have any marketing education or experience from before. in step 1 2 and 3 I have learned :

– its better to sell high ticket products or services cause then you earn more money with less sales. and selling more expensive products is not neccesairly harder.

-its easier to buy into an already existing franchise than to create your own.

-digital companies are often more proffitable cause they dont have to spend money on making and sending an actual product or hire employees in their shops.

-free traffic is not really free cause it costs your time, paid and targeted trafic is the best traffic. (traffic is how many people visiting your website. when I first hears this term I was really confused haha)

– economy + traffic +conversions =sales

– when you start making money it is important to not spend it all, but reinvest some off the money back into the bussines.

– math and psychology is important.

– a good bussines model is important.

-you must have or get the right mindset.

-rich/wealty people get paid on results, poor/middle class peoole get paid on their time.

I also listended to an audio book my coach reccomended called “secrets of the millionaire mind” It is about the mindset differences between rich/wealthy people and poor/middle class people. Some of the things in this book where also mentioned in step 3. one off the things the book said that I myself found very interesting, was the idea that everyone has a so called “money blueprint”. And that means how much money your mind is set to make. And that the difference between rich and poor people are that their money blueprint are sett for different amounts. It said that we get these ether high or low blueprints from who we surround ourselfs with, usualy our parents and frieds. So usualy people would earn about as much as their parents cause thats what their used to/comfortable with. wich makes sence really when you think about it.

Think I will end this post with some quotes from matt (mat loyd is the one talking in the videos)😊”for doing well in your bussiness you must think like a bussines owner and not an employee” “when starting a bussines there will be a time were you will have very little money” “rich people act in spite of fear”


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