get peoples attention

Today I watched an additoional video recommended by my coach. In that video there was a guy talking about how the mobe system works and how you can make money through it. The most important thing wich he mentioned several times was “get peoples attension” and in order to grow your wealth you need to get more peoples attention. Myself for example, I bought this program cause a youtube video I found from matt caught my attension. Then I did some more research on it and bought the 21 step program.

I learned:

-There are four kinds of people. employees, bussines owners, self emloyes and investors.

-Employes and self employes work for money. bussines owners and investors have money working for them.

-If you keep on chasing money, you will be working your whole life.

-The difference between a business owner and a self employe is that a bussines owner doesnt do any work in his business, a self employed does.

-You need to evaluate your business investment mathematicaly right. Numbers dont lie.

-1 customer per day = freedom day

-When someone buys into mobe and sticks to the program, their usualy a mobe customer for life. The higher up in the ranks in mobe or for each other products they buy trough mobe the person they bought their first product through and mobe is getting a part off the money they pay. Mobe is a profit share system.

-If your not succeeding within mobe, their not succeeding. its like a long term relasionship and it works cause people stick to it. mobe wants your attention for life.

-In the beggining with mobe your goal should be to get about 10 sales per week. And your long term goal should be around 20 to 25 sales per week.

-You have to earn more money than you do now to maintain the lifestyle you have, cause the prices in general on almost everything is going up.


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