step 6 and 7.

I have now come to step 6 and 7. These steps were about what licencing is, the different products that mobe sells, how you can make money through Mobe and how you can get help if you have questions. It is at these steps you can choose to ether join Mobe or do someting else.

I have learned:

-Your options within marketing is to ether create your own product etc or licence someone elses. Licencing is usualy the easiest and most profitable choice.

-Licencing means buying the right to sell someone elses products.

-The biggest niches/themes within information based products are money, relationships and health.

-The benefits of joining Mobe is that they have a good marketing platform, top tier products, support training and a sales team to assist you.

-Your job as a Mobe affiliate will be to drive traffic to your website and then mobe closes the sales. They track the leads back to you via a site called “the backoffice”

– Mobe sells different teaching programs/videos/webinars about marketing and how to make money online.

I have decided to become a Mobe affiliate, I am gonna buy the “mobe licence rights program” as soon as I have saved up the money. It costs ca 19,000 nok (wich is like 2400 dollars) to me that is a lot, but I believe it will be worth it, cause this really does seem to be an amazing opportunity.


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