step 9! 😁🀘

Hey!😊 I havent bee posting for a couple of days now cause I have been on a little vecation in England/london. Had a lot of fun over there. visited some resturants, cafe’s (found this really cool cafe called “The Chocolate room, loved that place) did some shopping, went to madame tussauds, the cinema and so on. Was there for 8 days. Stayed at a good friend of mines Tamz(bkack guy in the picture below)πŸ€˜πŸ’– also visited my aunt who lives there one day and I also got to meet my mobe bussines coach Nick(white guy in the picture below) actualy 😊 met a very friendly black cat in the streets too so had to throw in a picture of herπŸ’– England is such a beautiful city. Its actualy so beautiful that I want to move over there. Would be fun to live in another country. πŸ˜„I am back in Norway now tho, back at work. Been working everyday since the day I got back home actualy. I miss being on vecation alreadyπŸ˜†cleaning motel rooms can get really boringπŸ˜…… plus I hate getting up early haha xD

But anyway! what I learned from step 9:

-Mobe is promoting events.

-After the Silver Masterclass/Licence Rights program you can update to Titanium. Wich allows you to earn higher commisions. You earn more on each customer without having to do anything more than before.

-With the Silver Masteclass you earn up to 1,250 dollar comissions, with Titanium you can earn up until 3,300 dollar comissions.

-The “80/20” prinsiple is a saying that means that 20 % of your customers makes you 80 % off your money. For that to be the case its very important to have a backend offer.

-With the Titanium you get a 3 days and 4 nights stay at a mobe event, wich takes place at some resort. There you have the chance to meet and connect with other mobe members and the higher earners within marketing. you will be hearing presenations from very good marketers like : Joe Sugarman(written a lot of best selling marketing books, for eksample Triggers and advertising secrets) Dave Van Hooose(used to be a real estate owner, good at convincing people to buy from him) Fred catona(helped launche a now billion dollar company called, he did all the radio adds, has his own radio advertising agentcy now) and Kevin harrington(most known for doing informertials in for eksample the health and fitness niche)

-You get to go to other events for free too. one about traffic, one about conversion and one about leverage.

-You get the “titanium inner cirle” wich is newsletters with more training/info. It costs 1,99 per month, but the first month is free.

Now that was that, step 9 was mostly aboyt the Titanium Mastermind and what you get buy purchasing that. I will be posting more when I get trough the next steps.πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ


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