Step 10!😊

Step 10 was about the Platinum Mastermind, with is another level up after Titanium.

– In platinum you get resale rights to the platinum mastermind and have the possibility to get 5,500 comissions.

– Platinum is a 5 days amd 6 nights event, also at an exotic resort just like Titanium. You will learn a lot there about wealth and creation. And also be able to connect and talk to some very inteligent people when it comes to money.

– Aditional events you get with platinum is: Money Mindset, Tax Saving Strategies, Stocks, Precious Metals, Real estate and The Home Business Summit. these are all 3 day events and you get them free with the platinum. If you want to buy them outside platinum it will cost 2,000 dollars.

– You get 10 sessions with a platinum coach

– You get a course on how to make high ticket sales over the phone. (this is for if you want to do your own phone sales, you dont have to do it)


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