Step 19!😊

Step 19 was about the different methods to get traffic and clicks to your affiliatelinks. Here are my notes from this step:

– Every sale starts with someone clicking on your link. If your a mobe affiliate your job is to get targeted traffic to your affiliate links.

– PPC stands for “pay per click”

– In a course of mobe called traffic masters academy you can learn about how to set up ppc adds, how to put up banner ads and how to put up solo ads.

– with banner adds you can put them up on your own page for free or pay to have them up on someone elses page. (Or both ofc, thats propably the best)

– Solo ads is when you have a person with a list of people who might be interested in what your selling, you then pay that person to send an email to everyone on their list with your link on it. The list owner usually charges you for the alounts of clicks your getting from it or just a set price from the beggining.

– Swipe means what you want to be written in the email the list owner is gonna send out. If your a mobe affiliate you can get done email content.

– another way to get traffic to your links is to start a blog and then have your links there. You can aldo try andget your blogg a good rating in google, so that when people search for eksample “how to make money online” they will see your blogg on the first page.

– Sending out post cards is also an option for getting traffic.

– You can also buy the traffic. There are many both bad and good sites to buy traffic frol tho, so its beat to ask someone who knows wich ones are the best ones. Mobe has partnered up with this one called for eksample,but there are plenty of other ones out there as well. If your in the mttb 21 step system it could be a good idea to ask your coach wich one is best for you.😊🤘


Step 17 and 18!😄

These two steps I decided to put in one post cause one of them were quite short. They were about finding out what you really want and how to find resources/funding. Here are my notes:

– Its important to spend some time by yourself to think about what you want in life and what you need to do to get where you want to be.

– Its important to find help if you feel like you need it. Especialy if its something your starting/doing that you have not done before.

– Every bussines aquires capital to get started and to keep it running. There is money needed to get it started and to be used on advertising to get customers.

– If you need funding to start your bussines or whatever it is for there is almost always a way to find it. Even tho it may not be easy. I can take myself as an eksample, in order to get enough money to buy the Mobe licence rights I saved up as much of my sallury money form my cleaning job as I could, walked two dogs for about 10 dollars per walk and got a credit card to pay the rest.

– different ways to finance your bussines: 1.sell stuff you have, but dont really need. 2. Get a second job. 3. Do small jobs for people. (For eksample house cleaning, house painting, being a baby sitter, doing garden work and so on) 4. Get a credit card. 5. Get a change card.(this is a credit card just without any spending limit. Personaly I would recomend a normal credit card, so that you dont get too tempted to use it to buy other things and dont get yourself into to much debt) 6. Lines credit. (lower interest rates based on your credit card history) 7. Askng friends or family for a loan. (If your gonna do this its best to show them a spesific plan on what your using the money on and when they can expect to get it back) 8. Partner buy in. (Starting a bussines togheter with a friend so that the bussines expenses is shared) 9. Lending from your bank. 10. Take up a Micro loan. 11. Social lending. (Lending from private persons online. For example ) 12. Home quality loan. (Has lower interest rates than a credit card, but if your falling behind on paying back you may end up with a house/property owned by the bank) 13. Loan from 401K, IR or life ensourance policy.

– If your in the USA or Australia, mobe has two web pages that can help you find the money you need to finance your (for people in the usa)

And (for people in australia)

-quote “its not about being a person of resources, it is about being a resourcefull person.”

Step 16!😊

This step was about goal setting. In addition to the steps main video there was an additional video where the first MLR licensee talks about goa setting to. Here is my notes from this step: – Its important to have big goals and to make a plan on how to get there. The best way to do that is to divide the goal into smaller day by day steps. – Three things needed for a succesful online bussines: Consistensy,(keep bringing traffic and so on regularly) Tracking,(tracking your traffic sources and branding. (Building an audience) – Its smart to set a spesific date on when you want to have your goals achieved. – Its also important to figure out why you want to achieve the goals. – In mobe there is two ways to create an audience. Nr one is to create your own capture page and funnel. Nr two is to use the so called “mttb coop” wich is using mobes capture page wich co-registers with your autoresponder and mobes sales funnel.

Are you sure mobe is not just another scam?

Now this is a question I get a lot, whenever I tell my family or friends that I have decided to start doing affiliate marketing with a company called Mobe, thats the reaction I get.”its just a scam, how do you know if it actualy works” I get the same also if I am suggesting someone else to try this out as well. Therefore I am gonna tell you more about why I despite that decided to do this.

In the beggining I was also very sceptical to the idea of making real money online. It seemed a little too good to be true. I tought to myself “its propably just a scam,the people on top are propably the only ones making the real money there” I tought it was kinda like what they did in the movie wolf of wall street, if you have seen that one. But I also tought “what if its not a scam? And I am missing out on this amazing oppurtunity, just cause I am scared if losing money” So I did some research online on mobe, in fact I did quite a lot of research. xD Compared to a lot of other things that I had came over earlier that seemed to be actual scams saying for example “get rich by tomorow, buy this program now, oppurtunity expires in 2 days, be quick!” Or something like that, (wich popped up on my screen a lot when I was searching online on how to make money through the internet) Mobe seemed more legit. I didnt see any expiry date and I didnt see anywhere that said I would become a millionaire overnight. What I did hear about it tho, was that there was the oppurtunity to make a lot of money within mobe if you did your promoting/marketing well. I was still a little unsure tough, but the tought that tipped me over to actualy deciding to do this was “if I dont try, I will never know if this is legit or not”

So being a person who has done a lot of research on this and bought the 21 step system and the silver masterclass/mobe licencse rights program, I can with all certainty tell you it is not a scam, but in order to make money after you become an affiliate you have to put in some time and effort to make it work.

Mobe Rules!

Here are sone important Mobe rules mentioned in an additional video in step 15, but I tought they deserved a post of their own. 😄

– An affiliate can earn comissions only ln those mlbe membership levels that he/she is personaly positioned at.

– Upon making their first mobe purchase a persons mobe MLR, Titanium, Platinum and Diamond sponsors are set in stone.

– Every mobe License rights, Titanium, Platinum and Diamond members gets 5% residual comissions on the personal sales of the members they sponsor.

– 25% of the people that buys MLR also buys titanium

– 33 to 50% of the people who buys Titanium also buys Platinum.

– 33 to 50% who buys the Platinum also buys the Diamond.

– All members will spend about 400 dollars per week on advertising and will get the exact same amount of sales.

– You must position your bussines for the best results.

Step 14 and 15!😊🤘

This is what I learned fron step 14 and 15:

– Again as an affiliate your job is to generate targeted leads. I hear matt repeat this several times haha. xD

– In Titanium you get 5 × 30 minutes personal coaching sessions and in Platinum you get 10 × 30 minutes personal coaching sessions.

– If you have or when you do buy the titanium or platinum package, you should use the coaching sessions you get and go to the live events there. Quote from Matt (the founder of mobe) “those who get to the live events out earn those who dont by a huge margin”

– If your nor positioned your comissions will go to your sponsor. And this aplies to all future comissions from that sale.

– If you want to earn residuals you need to be fully positioned. 1/3 of MLR members go Titanium and 1/2 of titanium members will go Platinum.

– bussiness program:

Nr 1 is buying the MLR wich incudes 30-90% comissions on selected products, 1,200 to 1, 625 dollars each time one of your refferals also buys the MLR and a income potensial on 40, 000 a year.

Nr 2 is Titanium wich includes acces to titanium mastermind event, the titanium series, 3,300 to 4,800 dollars each tile one of yojr referls also buys the titanium program and a income potensial on 100,000 a year.

Nr 3 is platinum wich includes acces to the platinum mastermind event and the platinum series, 5,500 to 8,00 each time one of your referals also buys the platinum program and a income potensial on 150,000 dollars a year.

Nr 4 iaDiamond wich includes acces to diamond mastermind event and series, done for you funnel, 10,000 to 13,000 each time one of your referals also buys the Diamond program amd a income potensial on 200,000 a year.

-the MLR is the foundation of your bussines, Titanium, Platinum and Diamond are so called repeat bussineses.

Reasons to choose to becone a Mobe affiliate!

-acces to private wealth creation oppurtunities wich would otherwise most often just be available for peiple with the righy connections/surroundings. (eksample people with rich/wealthy parents/friends)

-100% dept free

-it fits our current global economic issues, wich has lead to the need of a higher level of marketing and wealth creation education.

-you will get acces to a lot of different priducts both front end and back end products.

-its a very succesfull company with a system that works (and has proof on that it works, I myaelf did a lot of research on this before I bought in) and who has a all the help you need to get started as a newbie in affiliate marketing. 😁🤘

step 12 and 13!😊🤘

In step 12 and 23 I learned:

– Your comissions are: 1,200 dollars on the My licence rights program/Silver masterclass, 3,300 on Titanium and 5,500 on Platinum. (this is when your not doing your own phone sales)

– Tips from matt loyd: “leverage our phone sales team in the begining and once youre making about 50,000 dollars a month and have a steady cashflow as well as solid results behind you, then you might want to start doing your own calls”

– Your/my job is to drive traffic to mobes optin pages.

– An optin page is where the customer can put in their email adress.

– Making a welcome video on your blog/facebookpage/youtube channel can be a very smart thing to do in order to seem more real to the people visiting your page. Now I havent done this yet simply cause I am not a big fan of speaking in videos, but I propably should haha xD😂

– In the Diamond mastermind event they will help you make your own sales funnel, a proffessional video amd so on, but this is not sometving you should sign up for if your just getting startet. First you should buy the MLR (mobe license rights program/silver masterclass) then upgrade to titanium or platinum and then concider buying diamond.

– Diamond is basicly a 10 day workshop where you get help to make your own sales funnel.

– As a mobe affiliate, when you get commissions for MLR, Titanium or platinum, you also get points wich may result in getting a free car from mobe. you need 10 points to get this. MLR gets you 1 point, Titanium is 3 points and platinum is 5 points. if you want to know more details about this you can go to this page😊

– If you achieve over 1 million dollars in commissions you get a so called “million dollar ring” made of platinum (wich is a heavy metal) with 37 small diamonds inside of it.

– If you achieve 100 thousand dollars you can get the “100 thousand dollar ring” made of silver and with diamonds as well. (now I saw a picture of both these rings in the video, 2 beautiful rings, definatly good motivators to keep working and doing your best in your mobe affiliate bussines)

– If your positioned right you will get 5% off gross sales from the affiliates who are introduced through you.

now that was that from this step.

Cashflow quadrant

I have recently been reading a book called Cashflow quadrant. In that book Robert Kiysaki talks about how he achieved his success as a bussiness owner and investor, about what he learned from his two dads,were one was a bussines owner and the other an employee and about the different ways people get their money. Its ether from being an employee, being self employed, a bussines owner or an investor.

Here is some off the things I have learned so far from this book (I may have mentioned some of the things in an earlier post, but hey repition is important)

– An asset is something that will give you money, a liability is something that takes money away from you.

– Roberts rich dads advice to him was to get and education, build a bussines and then aquire assets. His poor dads advice was to get an education and then get a good job.

– As his dads got more succesfull, eobert noticed that his rich dad got more free time, while his poor dad got less.

-being wealthy is about having a cashflow that will continue coming in without you. Its about how long you can stop working and still have money coming in. This is what his rich dad had beacuse he had created a system that was making him money without him needing to do much work. His poor dad tho needed to work more for his money to keep coming in.

-its no longer smart to rely on the goverment to take care of your pension.

– Most schools dont teach people about building bussineses or investing so most people think about getting a job as the only option and does not concider the other ones.

-Most people dont wanna try to start a bussines or investing cause its too risky and they might lose their money.

– Life is about finding your own path.

This is a really good book that I would absolutly recomend, its a great story and I found it very inspirational. It gives you a lot of information about the different oppurtunities there is out there that school does not really tell you much about at all and whats the smartest quadrant choise for you depending on what you want to achieve in life financialy.