Cashflow quadrant

I have recently been reading a book called Cashflow quadrant. In that book Robert Kiysaki talks about how he achieved his success as a bussiness owner and investor, about what he learned from his two dads,were one was a bussines owner and the other an employee and about the different ways people get their money. Its ether from being an employee, being self employed, a bussines owner or an investor.

Here is some off the things I have learned so far from this book (I may have mentioned some of the things in an earlier post, but hey repition is important)

– An asset is something that will give you money, a liability is something that takes money away from you.

– Roberts rich dads advice to him was to get and education, build a bussines and then aquire assets. His poor dads advice was to get an education and then get a good job.

– As his dads got more succesfull, eobert noticed that his rich dad got more free time, while his poor dad got less.

-being wealthy is about having a cashflow that will continue coming in without you. Its about how long you can stop working and still have money coming in. This is what his rich dad had beacuse he had created a system that was making him money without him needing to do much work. His poor dad tho needed to work more for his money to keep coming in.

-its no longer smart to rely on the goverment to take care of your pension.

– Most schools dont teach people about building bussineses or investing so most people think about getting a job as the only option and does not concider the other ones.

-Most people dont wanna try to start a bussines or investing cause its too risky and they might lose their money.

– Life is about finding your own path.

This is a really good book that I would absolutly recomend, its a great story and I found it very inspirational. It gives you a lot of information about the different oppurtunities there is out there that school does not really tell you much about at all and whats the smartest quadrant choise for you depending on what you want to achieve in life financialy.


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