Mobe Rules!

Here are sone important Mobe rules mentioned in an additional video in step 15, but I tought they deserved a post of their own. πŸ˜„

– An affiliate can earn comissions only ln those mlbe membership levels that he/she is personaly positioned at.

– Upon making their first mobe purchase a persons mobe MLR, Titanium, Platinum and Diamond sponsors are set in stone.

– Every mobe License rights, Titanium, Platinum and Diamond members gets 5% residual comissions on the personal sales of the members they sponsor.

– 25% of the people that buys MLR also buys titanium

– 33 to 50% of the people who buys Titanium also buys Platinum.

– 33 to 50% who buys the Platinum also buys the Diamond.

– All members will spend about 400 dollars per week on advertising and will get the exact same amount of sales.

– You must position your bussines for the best results.


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