step 12 and 13!😊🤘

In step 12 and 23 I learned:

– Your comissions are: 1,200 dollars on the My licence rights program/Silver masterclass, 3,300 on Titanium and 5,500 on Platinum. (this is when your not doing your own phone sales)

– Tips from matt loyd: “leverage our phone sales team in the begining and once youre making about 50,000 dollars a month and have a steady cashflow as well as solid results behind you, then you might want to start doing your own calls”

– Your/my job is to drive traffic to mobes optin pages.

– An optin page is where the customer can put in their email adress.

– Making a welcome video on your blog/facebookpage/youtube channel can be a very smart thing to do in order to seem more real to the people visiting your page. Now I havent done this yet simply cause I am not a big fan of speaking in videos, but I propably should haha xD😂

– In the Diamond mastermind event they will help you make your own sales funnel, a proffessional video amd so on, but this is not sometving you should sign up for if your just getting startet. First you should buy the MLR (mobe license rights program/silver masterclass) then upgrade to titanium or platinum and then concider buying diamond.

– Diamond is basicly a 10 day workshop where you get help to make your own sales funnel.

– As a mobe affiliate, when you get commissions for MLR, Titanium or platinum, you also get points wich may result in getting a free car from mobe. you need 10 points to get this. MLR gets you 1 point, Titanium is 3 points and platinum is 5 points. if you want to know more details about this you can go to this page😊

– If you achieve over 1 million dollars in commissions you get a so called “million dollar ring” made of platinum (wich is a heavy metal) with 37 small diamonds inside of it.

– If you achieve 100 thousand dollars you can get the “100 thousand dollar ring” made of silver and with diamonds as well. (now I saw a picture of both these rings in the video, 2 beautiful rings, definatly good motivators to keep working and doing your best in your mobe affiliate bussines)

– If your positioned right you will get 5% off gross sales from the affiliates who are introduced through you.

now that was that from this step.


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