Step 14 and 15!😊🤘

This is what I learned fron step 14 and 15:

– Again as an affiliate your job is to generate targeted leads. I hear matt repeat this several times haha. xD

– In Titanium you get 5 × 30 minutes personal coaching sessions and in Platinum you get 10 × 30 minutes personal coaching sessions.

– If you have or when you do buy the titanium or platinum package, you should use the coaching sessions you get and go to the live events there. Quote from Matt (the founder of mobe) “those who get to the live events out earn those who dont by a huge margin”

– If your nor positioned your comissions will go to your sponsor. And this aplies to all future comissions from that sale.

– If you want to earn residuals you need to be fully positioned. 1/3 of MLR members go Titanium and 1/2 of titanium members will go Platinum.

– bussiness program:

Nr 1 is buying the MLR wich incudes 30-90% comissions on selected products, 1,200 to 1, 625 dollars each time one of your refferals also buys the MLR and a income potensial on 40, 000 a year.

Nr 2 is Titanium wich includes acces to titanium mastermind event, the titanium series, 3,300 to 4,800 dollars each tile one of yojr referls also buys the titanium program and a income potensial on 100,000 a year.

Nr 3 is platinum wich includes acces to the platinum mastermind event and the platinum series, 5,500 to 8,00 each time one of your referals also buys the platinum program and a income potensial on 150,000 dollars a year.

Nr 4 iaDiamond wich includes acces to diamond mastermind event and series, done for you funnel, 10,000 to 13,000 each time one of your referals also buys the Diamond program amd a income potensial on 200,000 a year.

-the MLR is the foundation of your bussines, Titanium, Platinum and Diamond are so called repeat bussineses.

Reasons to choose to becone a Mobe affiliate!

-acces to private wealth creation oppurtunities wich would otherwise most often just be available for peiple with the righy connections/surroundings. (eksample people with rich/wealthy parents/friends)

-100% dept free

-it fits our current global economic issues, wich has lead to the need of a higher level of marketing and wealth creation education.

-you will get acces to a lot of different priducts both front end and back end products.

-its a very succesfull company with a system that works (and has proof on that it works, I myaelf did a lot of research on this before I bought in) and who has a all the help you need to get started as a newbie in affiliate marketing. 😁🤘


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