Are you sure mobe is not just another scam?

Now this is a question I get a lot, whenever I tell my family or friends that I have decided to start doing affiliate marketing with a company called Mobe, thats the reaction I get.”its just a scam, how do you know if it actualy works” I get the same also if I am suggesting someone else to try this out as well. Therefore I am gonna tell you more about why I despite that decided to do this.

In the beggining I was also very sceptical to the idea of making real money online. It seemed a little too good to be true. I tought to myself “its propably just a scam,the people on top are propably the only ones making the real money there” I tought it was kinda like what they did in the movie wolf of wall street, if you have seen that one. But I also tought “what if its not a scam? And I am missing out on this amazing oppurtunity, just cause I am scared if losing money” So I did some research online on mobe, in fact I did quite a lot of research. xD Compared to a lot of other things that I had came over earlier that seemed to be actual scams saying for example “get rich by tomorow, buy this program now, oppurtunity expires in 2 days, be quick!” Or something like that, (wich popped up on my screen a lot when I was searching online on how to make money through the internet) Mobe seemed more legit. I didnt see any expiry date and I didnt see anywhere that said I would become a millionaire overnight. What I did hear about it tho, was that there was the oppurtunity to make a lot of money within mobe if you did your promoting/marketing well. I was still a little unsure tough, but the tought that tipped me over to actualy deciding to do this was “if I dont try, I will never know if this is legit or not”

So being a person who has done a lot of research on this and bought the 21 step system and the silver masterclass/mobe licencse rights program, I can with all certainty tell you it is not a scam, but in order to make money after you become an affiliate you have to put in some time and effort to make it work.


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