Step 16!😊

This step was about goal setting. In addition to the steps main video there was an additional video where the first MLR licensee talks about goa setting to. Here is my notes from this step: – Its important to have big goals and to make a plan on how to get there. The best way to do that is to divide the goal into smaller day by day steps. – Three things needed for a succesful online bussines: Consistensy,(keep bringing traffic and so on regularly) Tracking,(tracking your traffic sources and branding. (Building an audience) – Its smart to set a spesific date on when you want to have your goals achieved. – Its also important to figure out why you want to achieve the goals. – In mobe there is two ways to create an audience. Nr one is to create your own capture page and funnel. Nr two is to use the so called “mttb coop” wich is using mobes capture page wich co-registers with your autoresponder and mobes sales funnel.


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