Step 17 and 18!šŸ˜„

These two steps I decided to put in one post cause one of them were quite short. They were about finding out what you really want and how to find resources/funding. Here are my notes:

– Its important to spend some time by yourself to think about what you want in life and what you need to do to get where you want to be.

– Its important to find help if you feel like you need it. Especialy if its something your starting/doing that you have not done before.

– Every bussines aquires capital to get started and to keep it running. There is money needed to get it started and to be used on advertising to get customers.

– If you need funding to start your bussines or whatever it is for there is almost always a way to find it. Even tho it may not be easy. I can take myself as an eksample, in order to get enough money to buy the Mobe licence rights I saved up as much of my sallury money form my cleaning job as I could, walked two dogs for about 10 dollars per walk and got a credit card to pay the rest.

– different ways to finance your bussines: 1.sell stuff you have, but dont really need. 2. Get a second job. 3. Do small jobs for people. (For eksample house cleaning, house painting, being a baby sitter, doing garden work and so on) 4. Get a credit card. 5. Get a change card.(this is a credit card just without any spending limit. Personaly I would recomend a normal credit card, so that you dont get too tempted to use it to buy other things and dont get yourself into to much debt) 6. Lines credit. (lower interest rates based on your credit card history) 7. Askng friends or family for a loan. (If your gonna do this its best to show them a spesific plan on what your using the money on and when they can expect to get it back) 8. Partner buy in. (Starting a bussines togheter with a friend so that the bussines expenses is shared) 9. Lending from your bank. 10. Take up a Micro loan. 11. Social lending. (Lending from private persons online. For example ) 12. Home quality loan. (Has lower interest rates than a credit card, but if your falling behind on paying back you may end up with a house/property owned by the bank) 13. Loan from 401K, IR or life ensourance policy.

– If your in the USA or Australia, mobe has two web pages that can help you find the money you need to finance your (for people in the usa)

And (for people in australia)

-quote “its not about being a person of resources, it is about being a resourcefull person.”


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