Step 19!😊

Step 19 was about the different methods to get traffic and clicks to your affiliatelinks. Here are my notes from this step:

– Every sale starts with someone clicking on your link. If your a mobe affiliate your job is to get targeted traffic to your affiliate links.

– PPC stands for “pay per click”

– In a course of mobe called traffic masters academy you can learn about how to set up ppc adds, how to put up banner ads and how to put up solo ads.

– with banner adds you can put them up on your own page for free or pay to have them up on someone elses page. (Or both ofc, thats propably the best)

– Solo ads is when you have a person with a list of people who might be interested in what your selling, you then pay that person to send an email to everyone on their list with your link on it. The list owner usually charges you for the alounts of clicks your getting from it or just a set price from the beggining.

– Swipe means what you want to be written in the email the list owner is gonna send out. If your a mobe affiliate you can get done email content.

– another way to get traffic to your links is to start a blog and then have your links there. You can aldo try andget your blogg a good rating in google, so that when people search for eksample “how to make money online” they will see your blogg on the first page.

– Sending out post cards is also an option for getting traffic.

– You can also buy the traffic. There are many both bad and good sites to buy traffic frol tho, so its beat to ask someone who knows wich ones are the best ones. Mobe has partnered up with this one called for eksample,but there are plenty of other ones out there as well. If your in the mttb 21 step system it could be a good idea to ask your coach wich one is best for you.😊🤘


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