Step 20 and 21!😊🀘

I am done with the 21 steps!πŸ˜„πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

so I have gotten set up with a traffic coach now and I have got some homework from him, wich I am gonna get done and then I am gonna book a meeting on skype.😊

Now these two steps were about finding out your reason why your doing this and about what to do now after the 21 steps are finished. Here are my notes:

-Its imoprtant to find out what you really want in/from life.

– when you have the my lisence rights/silver masterclass you can go to where you can see your products, partner resourses, how much you got in commissions and so on.

– Some of your affiliate links gi directly to optin pages, some goes to sales letters and some to auto pages.

– The advantage of an optin page is that then the person visiting can leave their email there.

– Your commissions depends on your position/level within mobe.

– After the 21 steps you can go through a 30 day traffic course at the top of the menu or id your a MLR member go through Traffic masters academy.(this comes with mlr)

– in a site called hasoffers (can find the link to this page in mobeoffice) you can see how many clicks you have gotten, how many conversions and so on.


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