power of concistensy post number two!πŸŽ‰πŸ˜„

I read a little more, took a couple of notes and here they are.

– Whats in your life is a reflection of whats in your mind and you choose whats in your mind. Meaning that your succes in bussines and life is a result of whats in your mind.

– You are the only one responsible of your bussines succes or not. How it looks and how its going. Only you can change whats in your mind. only you can choose what stays there and whats going out of it.

– The first step of a good career is to evaluate whats in your mind and then choose what toughts that stays and what goes.

– Weldon long (author of the book) knew what he needed to do in order to make a change, but he was just not doing enough of it. It was when he started doing it that his life changed.

– You can attract things you dont want in your life cause you keep thinking about it. What weldon tought about was staying in prison forever, loosing his son and being labled a looser. And that was what he was attracting at that time. It was not just bad luck, it was what he had been thinking.

– Toughts trigger our feelings and then we act on those feelings. this is why it is importsnt to have the right toughts in order to succeed in bussines and life in general. For exsmple if your going on a school trip and you think to yourself that its gonna be boring, it most propably is, But if you think that its gonna be fun, it most propably will be.

– Quote ” When I changed my toughts I changed the way I felt and when I changed the way I felt I changed the way I acted. and all of this lead me to create better results”


the power of consistensy

hey! I tought I would post some notes I wrote from a book called the power of consistensy by Weldon long. 😊 Its really interesting and I find it very motivating to.

– Its about man in his 30’s who was in jail. He just got the news that his father is dead. It was at that point he took a good look at himself and started thinking about what he had done with his life. spent 6 years in jail. has a son, he didnt see that often and so on.

– At one point he was thinking “is it possible to become something different by thinking something different?”

– He created a plan for how he was gonna change his life for the better. This he later called “the power of consistensy.

– You become what you think about all day long.

– He later got an education and reconected with his son. He is now a succesful speaker and bussines man.

– The book is much about the prosperity mindset. How you can overcome problems that you might face in bussines and life. Its about doing the things that are important for your bussines to work on a consistant basis. To stop making exuses and find a solution.

– People making more money usualy dont know that much more than those who dont, they just do the things thdy have to do to make more money.

– Its important to take constant action. If you do that the only eay it can go is forward. to succeed in bussines you will need creativity and consistensy.

my ads are up and running!

I got my first ad up on facebook! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ πŸ˜„ This is a story ad. I might have to change some things on the story later, but atm I think it looks okey. Getting exiting now🀘 One tip btw to make sure you write a good stories is to just ask friends and family to read through it before posting it. I found that very helpfullπŸ˜†πŸ˜Š