the power of consistensy

hey! I tought I would post some notes I wrote from a book called the power of consistensy by Weldon long. 😊 Its really interesting and I find it very motivating to.

– Its about man in his 30’s who was in jail. He just got the news that his father is dead. It was at that point he took a good look at himself and started thinking about what he had done with his life. spent 6 years in jail. has a son, he didnt see that often and so on.

– At one point he was thinking “is it possible to become something different by thinking something different?”

– He created a plan for how he was gonna change his life for the better. This he later called “the power of consistensy.

– You become what you think about all day long.

– He later got an education and reconected with his son. He is now a succesful speaker and bussines man.

– The book is much about the prosperity mindset. How you can overcome problems that you might face in bussines and life. Its about doing the things that are important for your bussines to work on a consistant basis. To stop making exuses and find a solution.

– People making more money usualy dont know that much more than those who dont, they just do the things thdy have to do to make more money.

– Its important to take constant action. If you do that the only eay it can go is forward. to succeed in bussines you will need creativity and consistensy.


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