Editing my pages and making my two first youtube videos!

So today I have been editing my pages a little bit, taken some new pictures for my pages that are a bit more up to date and I made my first two youtube videos!πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

I have never made youtube videos before so this was exiting. I had chosen not to do it yet cause I didnt felt ready + I dont like hearing my voice in videos haha πŸ˜‚

It still felt good to do it tho. To be honest I like doing things that are out of my comfort zone at the same as I dont likw it. Even tho its uncomfortable, it feels good to do it cause then I know that I am learning. I noticed that I freeze somethimes when talking, as if my brain just switches off and I forget everything I was gonna say. (I did not have a script for these videos) I think I have like 20 videos now were I freeze until I finaly got two videos were I believe I get my message through proparly.

You can watch the videos by clicking this link. ^_^



Money matters.

Tought I would share this quote with you today from Jordan Belfort. He is definatly one of my favourite speakers. 😊
I have seen many of his videos online and I find them very inspirational. I like that he is so honest, raw and straight forward when he talks. I feel like it all just makes sence in a way.

Here is a link to one of my favourite videos to.🀘

I have moved to England!

I have moved to england! πŸ˜„ I have been planning to live somewere else than Norway when I move by myself for a long time. (dont get me wrong I love Norway, but i want to experience living somewere else) I think England is a very beautiful country and the british accent is just awesome, feel like I am living in a movie hahaπŸ˜‚πŸ€˜I live in. town called reading, its not too far from London. I like the old brick houses here, In norway most houses are made out of trees.

Toughts that may be holding you back

You may have heard of a man named Jordan Belfort, he is also called “the wolf of wall street”

There is a whole movie about how he first reached success with Leonardo De Caprio playing Jordan. If you have not yet seen this movie I higly recommend it.

I personaly love this movie, It is both hilarious and inspiring. I believe there is a lot to learn from Jordan. He was maybe a bit selfish and a lot of the things he did was not right, but he was very good at what he was doing. He was very good at selling and convinsing people why he was right.

I think one of the reasons I like him so much is cause of the way he speaks. He is very straight forward and clear in a way.

I watched some interviews with him on youtube and wrote down so notes/quotes I am going to share with you.

Jordan Belfort!

– “we live in a world were shit happens”

– “The only reason some people are not reaching their dreams is the bullshit reasons they tell themselfes as to why they cant achieve it”

– If you want wealth and success you gotta have the right mindset. If your not yet wealthy abd succesful then something needs to change. Its important to be honest with yourself and stop making excuses. its also important to always be open to learn new things.

– A lot of times peopΓΈe set their goal too low.

– One of the things that may be holding you back is that you dream a lot, but never take action. Only thinking about it is not going yo change anything unless you act to.

Its a start, but its when you take action you get results.

– You believe that life happens to you. rich people think that they controll your life.Dont blame other people or circumstanses of why you are not succesfull. stop complaining. if your complaining your focusing on the negative and then you will attract more negative things, you will become a shit magnet.

a classic excuse is “money doeant matter anyway” bullshit. money wont make you happy, but a lack off money can be a oassport to missser” become wealthy and then look for the higher things in life. with money you can help others, you can travel, you dont have to qorry about your bills and many other things.

– A lot of people take advice from people who does not really know what their talking about cause thwy have not done it themselfes. Its better to learn from people who are where you wanna be now.

– Fear is also a big reason why some people dont get wealthy. Starting a business or investing can be risky, but You should still do it. Way to many people let fear stop them.

– “Poor people try and reinvent the wheel, rich people take advantage of already existing systems. Their looking for systems so good that even idiots can use it”

Here I can use myself as a good example haha, I didnt know anything about internet marketing when I started with the 21 steps and became an affiliate. I have been shown step by step how to set up the funnel/system. Its all explained so simple in the 21 steps and coaching videos even a newbie can get it. And I am a slow learner so if I can do it anyone canπŸ˜‚πŸ€˜

– “Their uncomfortable about selling and percuating. if you want to get really wealthy you should get good at selling. not neccesairly a product, but yourself and your toughts. percuating people is one of the most important business skill. It takes time to get comfortable with it, but eventualy it will become natural.”

– “Poor people work for somebody else. there are some exceptions, but most times its a mentality that will keep you poor. Start a business”