Editing my pages and making my two first youtube videos!

So today I have been editing my pages a little bit, taken some new pictures for my pages that are a bit more up to date and I made my first two youtube videos!🎉🎊

I have never made youtube videos before so this was exiting. I had chosen not to do it yet cause I didnt felt ready + I dont like hearing my voice in videos haha 😂

It still felt good to do it tho. To be honest I like doing things that are out of my comfort zone at the same as I dont likw it. Even tho its uncomfortable, it feels good to do it cause then I know that I am learning. I noticed that I freeze somethimes when talking, as if my brain just switches off and I forget everything I was gonna say. (I did not have a script for these videos) I think I have like 20 videos now were I freeze until I finaly got two videos were I believe I get my message through proparly.

You can watch the videos by clicking this link. ^_^



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