Why get ahead financially

What do you do if you loose your job? Or if for some reason you cant work anymore? Most people today are employees depending on that pay from work every month. If they dont work one month their not gonna get any money.

Social security today is bankrupt, So counting on the goverment to take care of you if you loose your job or want to retire is useless.

Truth is that if your only income is from earned income from your job, then getting ahead is gonna be incredibly difficould.

You will never get ahead financialy if you only have one source of income.

As Robert kiysaki said there are three types of income. There is Earned income, Portfolio income and Passive income. Most people choose to only have theie income come from Earned income. They get a job and every month they get paid. First of all this is the highest taxed income. in America its at least 50% most places.

Portfolio income is income from investments. (for example investments in properties) This is about 20 % taxed.

With passive income it is actualy possible to get down to 0 % tax. (legally)

So basicly when your an employee you will work more and pay more tax, but if your income is from portfolio or even better from your own business you will work less and pay less tax.

Earned income is the most expensive of incomes.

I think people should get ahead so that they can get more freedom, more choises and more time.

Internet marketing businesses and affiliate marketing businesses like MOBE is a way of passive income.

If your current income is from earned income and you want to switch to passive income MOBES 21 step program is in my opinion the best place to start. the reason for that is cause they have an incredibly good education system for people who are new to internet marketing.

I also want to suggest you read a book Cashglow Quadrant by Robert Kiysaki.

You can get the 2q step peogram right here

Ever felt that your job ownes you?

I certainly have. 😧 There is all these things I want to do, but almost everyday I am stuck at work. I want to go to the movies with my boyfriend but whenever I finaly get a day off work he is busy with his job. I want to go out and make some new friends in this new city I am in, but again I am stuck at work so I dont have time for that.

I want more time for my hobbies to. I love to draw and dance. I feel like my drawing skills are slacking tho cause everytine I get off from work I am too tired. I also want to start taking mambo dance lessons with my boyfriend, but cause of work I dont have time for that ether.

In addition to that there are plenty of other things I want to do more of/try like painting, climbing, horse riding, bow shooting, cosplay, travel and so on. It really sucks that I dont have the time for any of that. I cant quit my job ether cause then I cant afford to pay for my rent and food and clothes.

Also almost always at the end of my shift my feet are hurting like hell cause I cant afford good enough shoes. Wich also makes it harder to sleep leading to that i will be tired at work the day after.

I feel like I am wasting so much of my life doing some boring job. Luckily I know that soon I wont need that stupid job anymore!

What I think most people dont realize today is that there is another way of creating an income. You dont have to keep selling your time anymore. There is another option.

And it does not require that your some kind of a genious, you dont have to come up with some amazing product no one has ever thought of before and you dont have to have some video or blog post go viral.

Through the 21 step program and MLR (My License Rights) you can learn how to set up a system online that can eventualy be making you a full time income. And this will be running for you 24/7. It does require a little work ofc, but its not a lot, two or three hours a day maybe. To me spending two or three hours at my laptop a day sounds way better than spending 8-9 hours at a job.