Why online businesses are better!💵

First of all about 90% of all new small traditional businesses fail.
Reason for that is they do not have a proffesional website, over expansion, lack of planning, selected wrong location, insufficent capital, poor management. Also in most cases people start a business only to make money and without having any passion for the work or their products.

The start up cost for a traditional business is usualy around 30 000 dollars.💸 An online business can cost anything from 40 dollars to 1000 dollars. So it is a lot cheaper.💵

For a traditional business you need to get a place to operate from. With an online business you can do all the work from your computer at home. 💻

In a traditional business you need employees, you need to find people to hire and pay them every month. 😧with an online business you can set up softwares to automate many of the tasks.😁

In a traditional business you will need to order products and get furnitures for your place among other necceserities. In an online one you can have downloadable digital products.

A traditional business will take up more off your time, there is a lot of management needed in a tradional business. Usualy people soend their whole day working on their business. With an online business you will only need to be working a couple of hours per day from your pc and thats it. Posting some new content on your blog, putting out some ads maybe.

In a traditional business the people you can reach are limited. Your reaching the people that are in your town and sees your shop/business. Also usualy shops/businesses are not open at night. with an online business you can reach anyone thats online at anytime from anywhere and it will be running even when your not online working on it. Also people wont have to walk over to your shop to buy your products they can just do it from their computer at home. 💻

Online businesses have way less expenses, You can reach more people, you dont need to get a place/office, it does not take up too much of your time and are easier to operate. So there you go!😊


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