Focus is the key to success.

Not only is focus important if you want success in your business, but also when it comes to most other things in life.

“When it comes to starting a business, especialy on the internet its important to focus on one thing at a time” I have heard this so many times when watching succesfull entrepreneurs speak in youtube videos and I higly believe in this to be true.

I believe if you want to be succesfull its important to keep focusing on that one thing and block out all other distractions. Also dont quit just cause you dont see results straight away, be persistent with it and the results will come. That is the best way to learn and make progress.

Myself I feel that I get things done way faster and better when I am focusing on that one task rather than when I try to multitask. Just yesterday for eksample I tried popping popcorn while watching a movie. The popcorn got burnt…. 😅

I recently read abot a study actualy that says that our attension spand today is shorter than a goldfish. Goldfishes have an attension spand at 9 seconds. Ours is now at 8. I dont know about you, but I think we gotta step up our game!😎

There are so many distractions today that makes keeping focused incredibly difficould. The intermet especially has thousands of distractions. whenever I try work on something online there usualy are plenty other unrelated things popping up on my screen at the same time wanting my attention. I notice I also get distracted by thoughts in my head about other things thats going on in my life, whatever it may be at the time.

I do my best work when I manage to block out all these distractions and focus only on the task I am working on at the time.

Soon as you start searching for online business opportunities and signing up for different programs and systems there are most likely going to be A LOT of peple contacting you and offering you their business opportunity. At this point it is important to pick one and see it through!

Pick one and make a decition to go all in. Choose to invest your time and effort in ONE business. Do not sign up for 100 businesses and complain about them not working.

If your new and trying to make it in online busienss there will be problems and obstacles. The important thing is to keep going, keep editing, keep learning, taking action, keep progressing. If your consistant and focused enough you will succeed.

Making an online business work is not easy, but I higly believe it will be worth it in the end!

I am new to this and I have made so many mistakes. I have been stuck so many times and I still have not had much success! but I still believe I will make it.

I am still learning, editing and determind on making my business work. To be honest I havent yet made a single sale, but I know that I am on the right path and there is not a doubt in my mind about the fact that very soon I will succeed! 🤘


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