Why I chose to get started with Mobes 21 steps😊

In my opinion this 21 step system is the best one out there. Its the one I chose to go with and I have to say that I am very glad i did.

I am gonna share with you what I like about this system and why I think its the best place to start for begginers who wants to make an income online.

First off all its set up to teach begginers what marketing is all about and other really neccesairy and important things that people that are just starting out online NEED to know. I also Really like that its all step by step and easy to follow.

I know a lot of people have this believe that all internet markering opportunities are scams, I did to in the beggining. Unlike other affiliate programs and commersials/ads, MOBE’s sales video did not promise that I would become rich in just a couple of weeks or days. Instead they stated that the results are individual. That there are unlimited possibilities, but the results depend on how much effort and work you put into it. This is one of the things that made it more believable to me. I like that they were being realistic, straight forward and honest.

I also like that once I became an affiliate (around step 7) I got acces to this facebook group for Mobe members. In that group I could see other affiliates share their thoughts and results. Its also possible to chat with them. There are both begginers and experienced people in that group. A lot of newbie affiliates like me posting their first sales in Mobe.The fact that I can see other begginers like me getting results is very motivating.

I like that what I have to do in order to get a comission is very simple. I just have to generate quality leads to my funnel/affiliate links in order to get a sale/comission. And that gives me the opportunity to focus on getting good at that.

There is 50% comission on the back end sale. In my case since I am a Silver member, my back end sale is Silver masterclass. (also called my licence rights) My Silver masterclass comission is 1250 dollars.💵

Its not too expensive to join and I only need two sales in order to get back my investment.

If you wanna get started with the 21 steps as well here is a link for you!😊

The 21 steps


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