What does money mean to you?πŸ’΅

To me money is a tool that can give me most of the things I want and need to be happy in life.

One of the things it can give me is more choises. More Choices when it comes to what clothes to wear, where and what food to eat, where to travel, how often I can travel, wich pet I can get, where to live, what house I can live in and so on.

It means security and less worries. If I have enough money I dont need to worry about having enough to cover rent, food and other expences.

It allows me to do more. if I have more money I can do more, have a bigger impact on the world, help more people and cases that I care about. Myself I am very passionate about saving big cats. Especialy the Tiger wich is close to instinction now. There are less than 4000 tigers left in the wild cause People are killing them for their skins and bones. its just terrible. The more money I have the more I can donate to help organisations that is working on stoping this and save the tiger and other big cats.

It allows me to do more, it gives me more choises, more security, less worries and more freedom.

I watched a video on youtube about what money means to other people and I also asked some people myself. Here is what they answered.😊

” I think money is the chance for living a good life”

“It can ether represent slavery or freedom”

“Money is everything for the future”

“Means there is room for growth, room to start new things and opportunity to create greater things”

“Safety and security for my family”


“Pain, cause I keep loosing it”

“It’s the limiting factor on your wants and desires. There are ways of bending to achieve those with a smaller budget but generally speaking the more money you have the more you can have and do what you want to”

“A means to live a good life”


“success and being happy”


So what does money mean to you?πŸ˜„


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