Is it legit or a scam? 🤔

This post is going to be about how to check if an online business opportunity is real or not. Here is a couple of tips.

Truth is there are in fact a lot of good very real online business opportunities out there, but there is also some scams. It is important to research the opportunities you find first, before you invest any money into it.

Here is a couple of things to look out for.

Does the page look proffesional? The site should have good quality pictures be without any watermarks on it.
If its legit it will also have a fully filled out page, with all the details and information about it.

Can you contact them? They should have their contact information on the page. There should be a real phone number, address or email there.

How long have they been in buiness? If it has been there for a long time its most propably legit.

Are the people behind it real people? Best thing to do is to simply google the people that are behind the company.

Are there a lot of typos? Ofc even real companies have typos somethimes, but if there is a lot of them then I would be sceptical.

Does it sound like a real opportunity sounds or not? for example if they say someting like “no investment, make 500 $ a day” or “I pomise you will become rich within 3 months” I wouldnt believe it. No one can “promise” you success, what they can do is give you an opportunity, but what you choose to do with it is up to you.

If there is no investment its a higher chance of it being a scam. Real online business opportunities does not come for free. Its true that they are way cheaper and easier to start and run than traditional businesses, but they do require some level of investment.

Also no one gets rich over night. (unless you win the lottery ofc, but thats unlikely for most of us) If they promise you will get rich its most propably fake. It is possible to get rich through an online business, but it does take some time and effort.

Is there a little green lock at the top left corner beside the link? If it is that means the safe is secure and your details are safe.

Do they have a facebook, twitter or instagram? Most legit companies will have a at least one of these.

Btw if your watching reviews about it, I suggest that you do not always trust them. Especialy if they try to recruit you into something else at the end of the video or page. Some of them are actually people just saying its a scam cause they want you to check out their oportunity instead.

I hope this has been helpfull.

At the end here I thought I would share a link to MOBES website so you can check that out if your a person looking for a real opportunity. This is the company ai am with. I have tried it myself and know that its legit, thats why I want to share it with you.😊


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