MOBE is being sued by the FTC.

So at the moment the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is trying to sue Mobe. They shut down all Mobes pages and groups. The FTC is getting very strict on what things you can say and do when promoting online Business opportunitieses, especially high ticket businesses like MOBE.

the complains seems to me to be from people thinking its a scam. I wanna make it clear fot anyone wondering, Mobe is a LEGIT business opportunity, NOT to be confused with the “get rich quick” schemes. It is possible to make a lot of money through Mobe, but it most will not happen over night unless your lucky or is an experienced marketer. It does require some time and effort.

Mobe does not promise that people will get rich in their videos and sales pages as the FTC claims ether. Mobe clearly state that its Not guaranteed success when joining Mobe. It all depends on what you do with this opportunity. No one can guarantee you success.

Also there was a complaint stating that during the 22 steps Mobe was forcing people to buy the memberships, this is not true. I went through the 21 steps myself and yes I was offered it, but I didnt “have to” buy it. I chose to cause it made sence for me to do so.

There really is legit online businesses out there and MOBE is one of them! I am positive this will be sorted out soon and that MOBE will be up and running again.


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