what to do now?? ðŸ¤”

So MOBE is down at the moment as I mentioned in a previous post. I am positive Mobe that the FTC and MOBE will figure this out cause MOBE is actually a legit company and business. I do not know how long this will take tho, so what do I do now? thats the big question.

I just went from having the best offer with a company I know and trust to having no offer at all.

My goal is still the same tho. I want to achieve financiall freedom and time freedom by helping others do the same.

Cause of what I have learned through Mobe I can take that knowlege and promote any other product. I know a lot more about internet marketing and business, I know how to build a funnel, how to set up email follow ups. Things crutial for success in any online business.

I have to be honest I have not found a company offering as good an education and benefits as MOBE, but I have found a company offering very similar services/programs.

I looked into a lot off affiliate partnerships and companies and the one most appealing to me was a company called Clickbank. They have an offer called “Clickbank University. There people can learn how to set them selfes up for success as an affiliate with clickfunnels. Through this program people will learn how to set it up so that the business runs pretty much automatically, Giving people both the fincial freedom and time freedom they deserve. (I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but its true) 😎🤘

You might have heard about clickbank before, both good or bad. I qould suggest to be sceptical when watching reviews tho. I saw some bad reviews about clickbank on youtube, but most of the people in those reviews want you to click on their link or go throught heir program instead meaning its most propably a FAKE review.

If unsure wether a business is legit or not you can read my previous post with tips on how to determine wether a business opportunity is legit or not. Is it legit or a scam?

Clickbank umiversity is pretty simple explained so that even people with no experience or no tech skills can do it.

If interested Check out Clicbank university Here!

Now have an awesome day!😎🤘🎉🎊


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