Hey!😎 so its been a while since I last posted.πŸ˜… Reason fo that is that I have been truggling a bit lately. :/ I have not been all sure what to do or where to turn to after Mobe got shut down. Also I have not had as much time or money to work on my online business. On top of that I have also had some other more personal problems to deal with.

I am currently working at this steakhouse as a waitress 6 days a week and I can barely afford rent and food right now. Meanig I dont have enough money to keep my email follow up account on aweber and clickfunnels account up and running or for traffic to my pages ether.

All this has made me feel a bit lost, but I know I have to make it work so. I dont know how I will do it, but I do know that I will not stop until I do!🀘

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