My plan going forward

In order to be consistent in my online affilliate business I have set up a little list of things I am going to do going forward.

I want to be succesfull and I know I have a lot of other distractions right now, wich is why I thought it may be smart to write down what I need to do. Make more of a clear day to day plan for myself sort off.

I havent been working on this for quite some time and at the minute my daughter Freya is taking up a lot of my time, so I am not going to put to many tasks on the list. Keeping it simple and realistic for now.

-Spend about one hour each day working on the business. (learning, improving ads and funnel.)

-make a blog post every other week.

In the top picture is a quote I find it very inspiring and motivating. Its simple yet true.

In the bottom picture there is me and Freya discussing our business plans. 😉


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