Pros and cons of being rich

Thought I would do a post with pros and cons of being rich. I am not rich as of yet ofcourse, but I can imagine. Some I have come up with myself and some I found when researshing on the internet.

Please do comment some more if you can think of any.πŸ˜„ Personally I found it harder to come up with the consπŸ˜‚


No need to worry about bills and basic needs like food, housing etc.

Can afford better medicine and help if/when sick.

Able to spend more time doing what you like instead of what you have to do in order to pay the bills.

Able to travel more.

No need to look at the price tags when shopping.

Able to help organisations that your passionate about. for eksample organisations like Unicef, Paws or WWF.

Can afford a healtier lifestyle. This is especially if you live in america where the healty food is more expensive.

Able to help out family and friends financially if they need it.

No need to take up loans for education, courses etc.

Paying less tax.


It may be difficould to know wether your friends/partner are interested in you or your money.

not knowing what to do with the money.

some people may assume your a bad person because your rich.

May get a lot of people asking you for money.


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